Charity relations

How to apply for funding

Postcode Ukraine provides grant funding to charities and voluntary organisations in Ukraine who are helping those affected by the war. We have funded projects supporting frontline humanitarian aid, assistance with evacuation, rebuilding shelters and playgrounds, mental health initiatives among others. We are always open to new project ideas where they directly support the needs of the people of Ukraine during this time of war.

We endeavour to build long lasting and meaningful relationships with the charities we support and have created a three tier funding programme:

  • Key Partners - for grants of $10,000-$25,000 / 370 000 UAH - 925 000 UAH
  • Partners - for grants of $5,000-$10,000 / 185 000 UAH - 370 000 UAH
  • Affiliate charities - for grants of up to $5,000 / 185 000 UAH

We consider new applications for grant funding on a rolling basis. Once a charity has been accepted for funding we consider them part of our wider family. They will be invited to apply for funding during quarterly or bi-annual funding rounds. In most instances, we will begin our funding relationship at the Affiliate Charity level with small grants of around $2,000.

Eligibility Criteria

The following eligibility criteria apply to those seeking funding. Applicants must:

  • Be a registered charity or non profit organisation
  • Have a Ukrainian bank account in UAH

Charities can apply for grant funding by completing an application form and budget. The application form should be completed in Google Forms at the following button.

Apply for a funding

Application form

The following is a summary of the questions you will be asked in the Google Form so you can prepare your answers in advance.

Charity Information

1) Name of Charity
Please provide the name of the charity or organisation as included in your charity registration.

2) Charity registration number
Please provide the charity registration number.

3) Contact information (Address, Phone Number, Email)
Please provide the registered address, phone number and email address for the charity.

4) Website (if applicable)
Please provide the charity’s website address and/or social media handles.

5) Name and Position of Primary Contact
Please provide the name, position and contact details for the primary contact for this grant application.

6) Brief Description of the Charity’s Mission
In no more than 100 words, please provide a brief description of the Charity’s mission. It should define your charity's purpose and primary objectives.

7) Vision and Long-Term Goals
In no more than 200 words, please provide a description of the charity’s vision and long term goals. This is about your charity’s aspirations and what it hopes to achieve in the longer term.

Project Detail

8) Name of the Project
Please give your project a specific name.  This should be short and may be descriptive.

9) Location of the Project
Which geographic area or region will the project serve.  This may be a single town or city, or a larger region or oblast.  Please be as specific as possible.

10) Detailed Description of the Project
In no more than 500 words, please explain what the project will do (aims and objectives, activity and outputs).  This may include what the need is for the project, who it will serve, how it will make an impact and practically how it will be achieved.

11) Estimated Start and End Dates
Please provide estimated start and end dates for the project.  This will impact your reporting timelines.

Budget Information

12) Total Project Cost
Please provide a total cost of the project. Where funds are being sought for part support of a larger project, please provide the cost of the full project.

13) Amount Requested from Postcode Ukraine
Please indicate the amount of funding being requested from Postcode Ukraine.

14) Detailed Budget Breakdown (How will the funds be used?  Be as specific as possible, e.g. equipment, staff costs, administrative expenses etc.)
Please complete and attach the budget template provided. This should be a detailed budget breakdown of the full project you are seeking funding for. The detailed budget should include itemised costs for delivering the project, please be as specific as possible. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • supply of aid (for example food, sanitary products)
  • supply of equipment (for example furniture, tents, sleeping bags, books, toys, computer equipment for displaced people)
  • supply of materials (for example construction materials for building projects)
  • delivery costs (for example transport of equipment to front line positions, packaging costs for aid packs)
  • contractor costs (for example in a construction project they may include carpenters, electricians etc.)
  • direct programme support costs * – costs attributable to the management of the project that arise directly from its implementation (for example staff costs, data gathering and evaluation costs)

* Please indicate the amount of funding being requested from Postcode Ukraine.

15) Other Sources of Funding (if any)
If you are seeking part funding for a project, please indicate any other sources of funding, whether these are confirmed and whether the project will be fully funded if funding is granted by Postcode Ukraine.

Measure of Success

16) Impact of the project
Please describe the impact you hope the project will achieve.

17) How many people you expect the project to reach
Please detail how many people you expect the project to reach and over what duration, this may be physically or digitally depending on the nature of the project.

18) Reporting and Evaluation Plan (which documents you are ready to provide with the Final Report)
Please provide a summary of how you plan to evaluate the project. You will be provided with a narrative report template and actual budget template to complete.


19) Founding Charter/Statute/ Статут
Please attach a copy of your Founding Charter / Statute / Статут.

20) Proof of Non-Profit Status
Please provide evidence of your non-profit status and bank details.

21) List of Board Members / Team Members and their social media links
Please provide a list of your board members and team members and their social media handles where available.


This section is for you to confirm that all information you have provided is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

22) We confirm that all information is accurate and complete to the best of our knowledge
a. Yes b. No  c. Other

23) I give CF Postcode Ukraine, consent to process my personal data specified in this form.
a. Yes  b. No  c. Other

Charity roadmap

Be ready to upload the following documents to your application form:

- completed budget
- non-profit certificate
- statute of the charity
- bank details form

What happens next

Our Charity Liaison Manager, Yuliia Kuznetsova will review your application and will ask for more information or clarification if required before it is considered by our board of Directors. Applications for Key Partner funding will also include a presentation on Zoom to the Postcode Ukraine team.

If your application is successful we will make a grant offer.  We may offer to fund all or part of your project.

 Once you have accepted the grant:

  • We will issue a grant contract for you to complete and sign
  • Funds will be transferred to you by bank transfer, we will ask you to acknowledge receipt of the funds
  • We will agree on a date by which you will report on your project. We will provide a report template for you to complete


Grant recipients will be expected to:

  • Use the donation exclusively for the purposes of the project agreed with the Directors of Postcode Ukraine
  • Keep Postcode Ukraine updated on the progress of the project including any appropriate opportunities for us to visit your work
  • Submit a detailed actual budget report showing spending for the project.  Provide receipts and invoices to evidence spending.
  • Submit a narrative written report detailing how the project was delivered, its successes and challenges, with information on impact and how many people it has reached.
    Ideally this will include demographic information
  • Optionally you may also provide photographs or video, case studies or interviews with recipients of aid, copies of materials and publications produced, information on experts engaged with, or other materials as is appropriate for your project
  • Acknowledge our support in promotional materials including on your website, social media and in any press or other interviews that directly discuss the project  


We are aware that the war in Ukraine means that the situation on the ground is constantly changing.  In the event that it is not possible to realise the project as agreed, you are expected to reach out to us via our Charity Liaison Manager Yuliia Kuznetsova as soon as possible to discuss the way forward.  This may include agreeing some changes to the parameters of the project or in rare occasions the return of grant money to us.
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