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Since it was founded in 2022, Postcode Ukraine has provided over 300,000 USD in funding for humanitarian aid projects.  Our team buys and personally delivers food, medicine, water, generators, and a huge variety of targeted aid products to those most in need in frontline towns in Ukraine.

Our aid deliveries are targeted at regions on the front-line of the full scale invasion including Donetsk, Kharkiv and Kherson Regions, where escalating Russian attacks disrupt and destroy infrastructure, restrict access to essential services and leave communities vulnerable, livelihoods at risk.  We fund projects supporting the millions of internally displaced people (IDPs) who have fled front line communities and need to rebuild their lives. 

We also fund other charities and volunteer groups doing the best work, with expertise and with strong operational networks through our grant programme. Apply for a Grant

Every donation, big or small, has a profound impact on those in need. Your kindness and compassion will not only alleviate immediate suffering but also help foster hope and resilience. Together, we can make a difference and stand in solidarity with our fellow human beings during these challenging times.  Our core costs are fully funded, so any donations go directly to our aid programmes.

Postcode Ukraine is currently the following charities.

  • NGO "Center for Humanitarian Aid Volunteer-68
  • Charitable organisation Housing for IDP
  • TAK. The Shtab
  • Charitable foundation Proactive Generation
  • International Charity Fund Kharkiv Dopomoga
  • NGO Public Movement Social Unity
  • International Charitable Foundation Friends of Ukraine Foundation
  • NGO Association of Patients with Torsion Dystonia
  • Charitable Fund Presidium Ukraine
Donbas Region
Postcode Ukraine Project: 
Kramatorsk art supplies project
Location: Kramatorsk City, Donbas Region
Time Period: March 2024
Team: Mark, Yuri, Yuliia, and Sofia
Amount Spent: 1,000 USD
The car journey from Kyiv to Kramatorsk is about ten hours long, and it is a trip we have often made with our highly experienced driver, Yuri.

Sometimes, we break up the journey and stay the night in Kharkiv, where I may have meetings, take photographs, or deliver aid. 

We had met some of the team at the children’s cultural centre ‘Terykon’ before and were impressed with how sensitively they communicate with and support the children and young people there.

When we suggested visiting them we asked what it is that you most need and their response was art materials. It is always an immense pleasure to deliver art materials.

I decided to interview a couple of the children, with help from our videographer Sofiia, on the subject of trust, and trust in world leaders.

I was really shocked at how easily they spoke of what they had endured. Places like Terykon provide an invaluable service for children in East Ukraine. Quite often schools are closed due to the threat of shelling, and the opportunities to socialise with fellow children is vital. Good quality art materials are really valued here.Mark Neville, Founder Postcode Ukraine
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Kyiv Region
Grant Funded Project:  Housing for IDP
Location: Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka village, Irpin City, Kyiv Region
Time Period: February 2024
Amount Spent: 10,000 USD
Postcode Ukraine provided grant funding to charity fund Housing for IDP’s to support the reconstruction of a dormitory in the village of Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka, close to Irpin City. 

Housing for IDP brings together qualified residential and building experts to renovate abandoned buildings and create new homes for families internally displaced by the ongoing war with Russia.  The resulting apartments in Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka are fully furnished to a high standard with long term tenancies providing 19 of the most vulnerable families with children in the region with secure housing and a safe space to begin rebuilding their lives.

 PU’s support funded the renovation and furnishing of the communal lobby, children's playspace and library, providing social spaces for families to interact and build a community. 
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Dnipro Region
Postcode Ukraine Project: 
Marhanets book project
Location: Marhanets, Dnipro Region
Time Period: June 2023
Team: Mark, Yuri Yuliia, and Sofia
Amount Spent: 2,000 USD
The Marhanets book project was highly successful for our team. We realised that aid is not just about water, medicine, and food, although these are of course vitally important.  To live a full life art and education are also vital.

In Marhanets, most of the literature found in schools and orphanages is in Russian language, brought there alongside propaganda over many decades.  We received a request to provide local children with Ukrainian language books.
Yuliia, our charity liaison manager, had managed to purchase such a brilliant array of very high-quality books in Kyiv, ranging from classic literature to illustrated wildlife manuals, that when the children at the local school and orphanage saw what we had brought their eyes literally lit up. Each child was then given the chance to choose two books from the vast selection we put on display for them in their assembly hall.
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Kharkiv Region
Grant Funded Project:  Volunteer 68
Location: Kharkiv Region
Time Period: July 2023
Amount Spent: 10,000 USD
Volunteer 68 are one of Postcode Ukraine’s Key Partners.  They work in the Kharkiv Region of East Ukraine with elderly people, disabled people and vulnerable families, providing a range of essential support from urgent evacuation from areas of shelling to providing food aid, running temporary shelters for disabled Ukrainians and transport services.

 PU funding supported the opening of a new temporary shelter for disabled and elderly people in Kharkiv City, only the second in the country.  Kharkiv Region in the East of Ukraine, sits on the border of Russian held territory.  The shelter provides 34 beds for those who have evacuated from areas affected by the ongoing war, many by Volunteer 68 themselves, due to Russian occupation or ongoing fighting.  Many do not yet have a final destination, are waiting for a space at a specialist facility or transportation to other parts of the country.  It also provides shelter for people undergoing medical treatment in Kharkiv and travelling from remote areas of the region.  It is equipped and staffed to provide medical and personal care to those who need it as well as social care, helping those who have arrived with nothing to access to documentation they will need to secure permanent housing as well as access to pensions and financial support.

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Kyiv Region
and Nationally
Grant Funded Project:  Safety Alphabet   
Location: Kyiv Region and nationally
Time Period: September 2023
Amount Spent: 2,000 USD
NGO "Public Movement "Social Unity" is an affiliate charity of Postcode Ukraine.  Their work is aimed at ensuring equal rights and opportunities for people with various forms of disabilities.

Postcode Ukraine funding has supported their ‘Safety Alphabet’ programme, making accessible versions of the collection of rules, advice, and recommendations that warn of emergency situations and provide Ukrainians with comprehensive information on actions they should take to stay safe.  These rules and advice are all the more important during this time of war.  They adapt this guidance using Ukrainian sign language (for people with hearing impairment) and record audio description for text and graphic content (for people with visual impairments), and promote the videos widely.  The project aims to reduce the information vacuum and provide independent access to vital information so they can keep themselves and their families safe.  The videos have been accessed thousands of times.

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Poltava Region
Charity Project in the Poltava Region:
Spreading Joy Among IDP Children
In December 2023, our dedicated team embarked on a heartwarming journey to the Poltava region, visiting the children's homes in Druzhkivka Village and Runivshyna Village. This initiative was driven by a simple yet profound mission: to bring smiles to the faces of internally displaced children (IDP) and provide them with a day of joy, free from the burdens of war.
- Location: Druzhkivka Village and Runivshyna Village, Poltava Region
- Time Period: December 2023
- Team: Mark, Yuri, Yuliia, and Sofia
- Amount Spent: 1000 USD
• Outcomes:  Our visit was filled with joy and laughter as we distributed an assortment of toys, puzzles, art supplies, and books to the children. More than just gifts, these were symbols of hope and joy, intended to kindle creativity, inspire dreams, and, most importantly, offer a brief respite from the ongoing full scale war  that these young souls have been exposed to.

The impact of our project went beyond the physical donations. For one day, we succeeded in creating an environment where the children could let go of their worries, engage in playful activities, and just enjoy being kids. The smiles we saw and the laughter we heard were testaments to the resilience of the human spirit and the difference compassion can make.

This initiative in the Poltava region is one of many steps we are taking to support and uplift communities affected by conflict. Through these efforts, we aim not only to provide temporary relief but also to remind these children and their families that they are not alone, that there is a world of people who care and are willing to extend their hands in solidarity.

We are immensely grateful to our team and the generous donors who made this project possible. It is through your support that we can continue to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it most.

Together, we can make a world of difference.
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Donetsk Region
The people of the Donetsk region in Ukraine are facing immense hardship due to the ongoing Russian invasion. Lives have been disrupted, infrastructure damaged, and access to essential services has become increasingly difficult. In these trying times, your generosity can make a significant difference.

The Postcode Ukraine website has set up a dedicated donation link to provide urgent humanitarian aid to the affected people in the Donetsk region. By contributing to this cause, you will help provide much-needed assistance, including food, water, medicine, and shelter. Your support will also help in restoring damaged infrastructure, healthcare facilities, and education systems, giving the people of Donetsk a chance to rebuild their lives.
Click the donation link now to contribute and help improve the lives of the people in the Donetsk region. Your support is invaluable, and every little bit counts. Let's join hands to provide assistance and hope to those affected by this devastating conflict.
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Kherson Region
The resilient people of Kharkiv region in Ukraine are currently enduring continuous threats to their peace and security due to relentless Russian attacks and missile strikes. The situation has escalated rapidly, putting numerous lives in danger and destroying the region's infrastructure, leaving the community devastated and vulnerable.

We, at Postcode Ukraine, have established a donation link on our website dedicated to providing immediate financial aid to the people of the Kharkiv region. Your generous contribution through this link can play a crucial role in providing the residents with much-needed resources during this critical time.
The funds raised will be used to deliver emergency supplies, rebuild the damaged infrastructure, provide medical care, and support the overall recovery of the region. Every contribution, regardless of its size, can make a real difference in restoring safety and normalcy to the lives of the people affected by these attacks.
In these challenging times, your act of solidarity can bring hope and relief to the resilient people of Kharkiv region. Make your contribution today and join us in our mission to support and uplift those caught in the crossfire.
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